Western Electric 1

These tubes are Western Electric types from the period 1913 to 1938. Western Electric tubes were primarily designed for use in WE/AT&T equipment and only a few types were used in apparatus intended for sale to the public.

WE Type A

WE Type D

WE Type K


101B (early)


WE 101D

WE 101F

WE 102A Exp

WE 102A (early)

WE 102A

WE 102D

WE 102E

WE 102F

WE 102G

WE 104A

WE 104D

WE 104H

WE 201A

WE 203A

WE 203B

WE 203D

WE 205B

WE 205D (early)

WE 205D

WE 205D unflashed

WE 205E

WE 208A

WE 209A

WE 210A

WE 211A

WE 211D

WE 211E

WE 212A

WE 212D


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