Shown below are tubes marketed by Conrad Schickerling under the TVT logo. Since Schickerling did almost no national advertising, the dates shown are mostly approximations made on the basis of information in sales brochures.

Schickerling TVT 11A

Schickerling TVT 11A (tublr)

Schickerling TVT 200

Schickerling TVT 200 (tublr)

Schickerling Triangle Plate

Schickerling S100

Schickerling S100 (pear)

Schickerling S200

Schickerling S400 (brass)

Schickerling S400

Schickerling S500 (brass)

Schickerling S500

Schickerling S500 (pear)

Schickerling S600

Schickerling S700

Schickerling S900

Schickerling S1100

Schickerling S1600

Schickerling S2500

Schickerling S4000

Schickerling S8100

Schickerling S8100 (bakelite)

Schickerling SX100A

Schickerling SX500

Schickerling SX700

Schickerling SX1200

Schickerling SX4000

Schickerling SX8100

Schickerling P.S. 12

Schickerling P.S. 15

Schickerling Z50

Schickerling Z80

Schickerling SX200A

Schickerling A.C. 226