This section lists Moorhead tubes made from 1916 to mid 1922, when the company shut down.

Moorhead ER (1916)

Moorhead Ext Grid

Moorhead Ext Grid (thin plate)

Moorhead ER (1917)

Moorhead ER (1917 1 fil)

Moorhead ER (1917 cand)

Moorhead R (British)

Moorhead B (British)

Moorhead B (shaw)

Moorhead VT32

Moorhead SE1444

Moorhead A

Moorhead A (spherical)

Moorhead B

Moorhead B (spherical)

Moorhead C

Moorhead Special

Moorhead ER (1920)

Early DV-6/Type 20?

Moorhead VT

Moorhead VT (tubular)

Moorhead Dual VT

Moorhead ER (early)

Moorhead ER (4.5 turn grid)

Moorhead ER

Moorhead TT

Moorhead Rectifier

Moorhead Series "D" ER

Moorhead Series "D" (based)

Moorhead Ext Grid Power