This section has Westinghouse designed tubes from 1919 to 1929. Westinghouse did not join the RCA/GE/AT&T patent pool until mid 1921 and their earliest production was not marketed through RCA as were the later types.

West Experimental #1

West Experimental #2

West Experimental #3

West Experimental #4

Westinghouse WR-21(A)

Westinghouse WR-21(D)

Westinghouse WB-800

Westinghouse WB-800 (2)

Westinghouse T Series

Westinghouse T Series (2)

West WD-11 (large plate)

West WD-11 (early)

Westinghouse/RCA WD-11

Westinghouse/RCA WD-12

Westinghouse/RCA UV-196

West/RCA UV-201 (early)

Westinghouse/RCA UV-201

Westinghouse Exp. 201-A

Westinghouse/RCA UV-201A

Westinghouse AT30

Westinghouse/RCA 221

Westinghouse UX-288

Westinghouse 289415