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Shown here is a small sampling of non-US tubes from various manufacturers. The period covered is 1913 to 1932. Tube bases of the foreign tubes were much less standardized than in the US, and even this small group has a large number of different style bases.


Benjamin SP18 Red Spot

Blaupunkt Heliodyn IV



Canadian Westinghouse UX121B

Canadian Westinghouse UX201B

Canadian Westinghouse UX201C

Canadian Westinghouse WD-25

Cosmos AC Green Spot

Cosmos DE11

Cosmos SP55/B

Cossor ARS6

Cossor AT40

Cossor AT50

Cossor HF

Cossor P1

Cossor P2

Cossor P3

Cossor 210 RC

Cossor 215 P

Cossor W1

Cossor W2

Dario R655

Ediswan AR

Ediswan AR 06

Ediswan AR 06 (HF)

Ediswan ARDE

Ediswan AT26

Fotos Bigrille-Oscillatrice

Fotos Microreseaux

Fotos TM

FourInOne Type 3

Frelat DKP


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