This section covers various DeForest tubes built between 1910 and 1931. The DeForest DV/DL series tubes are shown in a separate section.

DeForest Audion-SPSG

DeForest Audion-DPDG

DeForest CF-187 Audion

DeForest Type T

DeForest VT-21

DeForest 'Singer'

DeForest H

DeForest HR

DeForest CF2160

DeForest DR

DeForest PO

DeForest D-01A

DeForest D-401A

DeForest D-402

DeForest D-416B

DeForest D-427

DeForest 205-D

DeForest 401A

DeForest 410

DeForest 412A

DeForest 422

DeForest 422A

DeForest 424

DeForest 424A

DeForest 424 High Gain

DeForest 426

DeForest 427

DeForest 430

DeForest 431

DeForest 432

DeForest 445

DeForest 447

DeForest 450

DeForest 451

DeForest 464

DeForest 471A

DeForest 471B

DeForest 480

DeForest 481

DeForest 499